Chris Bennett and Band


CHRIS BENNETT’s New Majestic Show with her band.
It presents glamor and excitement in the tradition of the golden age of Jazz. In her Desert Tour of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley, Chris will showcase her outstanding 18 member Jazz Band with Paul McDonnald as music director, combining some of the greatest Jazz musicians in the country such as Tom Saviano (Sax), Dean Roubicek (Sax), Larry Holloway (bass), Steve Pemberton (drums), Paul McDonald, Piano/Music Director, among others.
In her new show Chris performs a variety of original compositions as well as new orchestral masterpieces produced in collaboration with the top arrangers in the world, such as Tom Saviano, Richie Cole, Paul McDonald and Tom Kubis.

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With her exquisite voice and engaging personality, blend with her orchestra becomes something new and exciting. Featuring Bennett’s original such as You Never Saw Me Dance, Shimmy Softly and I Can’t Think About It, as well as standards such as These Foolish Things, A Day In The Life Of A Fool, and Girl Talk.

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